Our Process

Our process is all about fairness and transparency. We don't believe in hiding details or "pulling a fast one." So we created a best-in-class experience for getting your job done with ethics still in tact.

Here's how it works:

  1. You place an order by calling 866-9UPGRADE or by completing an online order form.
  2. Our customer success team works with you to review our base pricing and helps you gain access to financing; if needed.
  3. We schedule a time perform a site evaluation for critical measurements.
  4. We review the results of your site evaluation with you to make sure our measurements match your order, part of our Fair Price Guaranty.
  5. We allocate materials to your job.
  6. In some cases, a set of construction documents (plans) is needed to pull a permit. If so, we create a set of plans at this step. You can expect this step for solar and building work.
  7. We obtain all appropriate permits and approvals needed from your jurisdiction.
  8. Our expert operations team gets your improvements installed. Cleaning up trash each day.
  9. We perform a post-install walk-through with you to review your job.
  10. If we have earned it, then we hope you leave us a 5-star review.