Our Mission

Upgrade California Construction is on a mission to create a Cleaner California by providing access to affordable energy efficient improvements "all under one roof." Some might say it's our calling.

We believe in always doing the right thing for our clients. That is why we let the Platinum Rule guide our interactions with our clients by treating you as if you ARE us, just living a different life. Moreover, we have the same goal with our interaction with the environment and aim to treat the resources in our care with respect by using minimal waste solutions and are practicing a materials recycling plan that's second to none. To show you how we conduct business, we've made our company Code of Ethics and Customer Service Bill of Rights public below:

Our Code of Ethics:

  • Mindful. We are on fire to carryout our mission and we know the most important thing we need to do to succeed is focus on you (our client) by being in the moment so we can anticipate your needs.
  • Steward. We go to great lengths to be responsible with the resources we have. Whether it's through plans that create less waste or management that embodies conservation, we have it covered.
  • Honest. We are upfront and honest. Always truthful in advertising. We do not associate with people or information that we believe to be misleading; even by omission.
  • Objective. We do not allow bias, conflicts of interest or peer pressure to override our professional judgement.
  • Competent and careful. We are committed to providing the highest level of professional knowledge and skill. We make sure those working under our authority always have the appropriate supervision and safety training.
  • Professional. We do all we can to avoid any action that could negatively impact our reputation and always comply with relevant laws and regulations.
  • Fair. We follow fair sales and marketing practices and provide standardized pricing across the products we install.
  • Transparent. We provide full transparency with our contracts and disclosures by reviewing critical information with our clients, no "fine print" here.
  • Trustworthy. We do not disclose your personal information unless we have your specific permission, a legal, or a professional duty to do so.

Customer Service Bill of Rights:

We believe you have the right to great service, so much so we give all our clients a bill of rights. This bill of rights guides our interaction with you:

  • Amendment 1. The right to a great experience - We aim to provide you with a great experience by providing you with a positive, upbeat, and can-do attitude.
  • Amendment 2. The right to clear timelines - We set expectations and then try to exceed them. We strive to over promise AND over deliver.
  • Amendment 3. The right to valuing your time - We know time is the most valuable resource because there is no way to create any more of it. That is why we provide you with the following tools so help is always at your fingertips:
    • A searchable knowledge database - contains all the info you could want about the products we use and services we offer.
    • Online communities - we maintain social media accounts and a company forum so that you can ask questions and get real feedback.
    • Automated solutions - we automated tools that streamline your experience with us and make it easy for you to get things done.
    • Online project management - we show you the status of your project 24/7 through access to your project's data.
  • Amendment 4. The right privacy - You tell us what to do with your information through your account profile settings.
  • Amendment 5. The right to control - We are here to serve you and so are our tools:

By posting the information on this page, we hope you know we are here to change the way contractors do business. So if you read this info and

a. know someone who shares our values, then please send them to our careers page. We are always looking for exceptional people.


b. are looking to make your place more energy efficient, then please check out the following pages:

Products: Where you will find more information than you probably want to know about energy efficiency and energy efficient products.

Pricing: Speaking of things to know... we always give you the one thing you want to know upfront; a price. We offer standardized pricing across all products we install. This way when you speak with one on our customer success team you don't have to worry about "a sales rep" trying to gouge you; or those you refer to us. Here's a link to our base pricing for all the products we install. How's that for transparency?

Process: If you are ready to work together and want to know how we go above and beyond to serve you, check out our process.

Forever Forward,

-Upgrade California Construction