Cool Paint Pricing, Process, and Product Info

Cool Paint Pricing

We can't say it enough, we treat people how we would want to be treated so we get right down to it and give you our pricing upfront. This is a part of our Fair Contract guarantee, to learn more about it check out our process here.

Our cool paint pricing is $4.40 per square foot (sf.) Example: if the exterior walls of your home total 1,000 sf. then the base price of your cool paint would $4,400.

Base price includes the steps required to apply cool life paint exterior coating to exterior stucco walls, eaves, fascia, window frames and garage frames. After site evaluation for critical measurements additional costs for the repair to stucco, cracks, brick and mortar, or damaged wood will be determined. Additional costs will be presented to the homeowner prior to install.

Here's what's included and what is not.


  • Installation of cool paint system. (See Cool Paint Process below)
  • Permit cost up to $200


  • Gutters. $8 per linear foot (lf), if needed.
  • Fascia board. $10 per linear foot, if needed.

Cool Paint Process

  • You place an order by calling 866-9UPGRADE or by completing the online order form.
  • Our customer success team works with you to review our Cool Paint base pricing (above) and help you gain access to financing; if needed.
  • We schedule a time perform a site evaluation for critical measurements.
  • We review the results of your site evaluation with you to make sure our measurements match your order, part of our Fair Price Guaranty.
  • We allocate materials to your job.
  • We obtain all appropriate permits and approvals needed from your jurisdiction.
  • We prepare your existing exterior walls to accept cool paint coating.
  • inspect for damaged wood and gaps.
  • Repair wood as needed.
  • Your local inspector inspects our work.
  • We Install your cool paint system (below).
  • Final inspection from your local inspector.

Cool Paint Product Information

Once your existing exterior walls have been prepared for application, a cool paint with the following features will be applied:

  • Protection from water damage and cracking cause by severe weather
  • Flexes with temperature changes
  • Expands and contracts with building movement
  • Seals even hairline cracks
  • Helps prevent mold and mildew formation

We use a proprietary elastomeric coating formula contains a 100% acrylic resin and the following ingredients to name a few:

  • Titanium dioxide: Helps the coating be unaffected by temperature change, moisture, acids, and smog.
  • Dicalite: promotes breathability
  • Bodying agents: give the coating a thickness 20 times thicker than ordinary paint.
  • Mildewcide: an eco-resistor to mildew, fungus, and algae growth.
  • Reinforcement fibers: help bridge cracks
  • UV blockers: protect our prime color from the harmful rays of sun.
  • Color stabilizers: extend the life of the coating
  • Perlite: helps hide imperfections.
  • To protect the proprietary formula and not to bore you any further we will stop here.