Heating and Air Conditioning Pricing, Process, and Product Info

Heating and Air Conditioning Pricing

We can't say it enough, we like to treat people how we would want to be treated so we get right down to it and give you our pricing upfront. This is a part of our Fair Price guarantee, to learn more about it check out our process here.

Our heating and air conditioning base pricing breaks out into three categories: replacement (change-out), new install (cut-in), and mini-split. The pricing works as follows (see the product section for product details):

  • Up to 1500 Square Foot Home (3 Ton) - replacement: $12,980, new install: $16,100, mini split: $7,500 (2 heads)
  • Up to 2000 Square Foot Home (4 Ton) - replacement: $15,580, new install: $19,090, mini split: $10,000 (3 heads)
  • Up to 2500 Square Foot Home (5 Ton) - replacement: $18,180, new install: $22,080, mini split: $12,500 (4 heads)

Here's what's included and what is not.


  • Installation of heating and cooling system.
  • Permit cost up to $200


  • Crane fee: $500
  • Structural Engineering: $2,000
  • Insulation removal. New R-38 attic insulation is $3.50 per sf.

Heating and Air Conditioning Process

  • You place an order by calling 866-9UPGRADE or by completing the online order form.
  • Our customer success team works with you to review our HVAC base pricing (above) and help you gain access to financing; if needed.
  • We schedule a time perform a site evaluation for critical measurements.
  • We review the results of your site evaluation with you to make sure our measurements match your order, part of our Fair Price Guaranty.
  • We allocate materials to your job.
  • We obtain all appropriate permits and approvals needed from your jurisdiction.
  • We Install your HVAC system (below).
  • Final inspection from your local inspector.

Heating and Air Conditioning Products

There are two main types of heating and air conditioning systems that we install; a central system and a ductless system system.

The components that go into a central air conditioning system are:

  • Thermostat
  • Furnace
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Evaporator Coil
  • Condensing Unit
  • Refrigerant Lines
  • Ductwork (if needed)
  • Vents

The components that go into a ductless system are:

  • Compressor/condenser (also known as an exterior heat pump)
  • Air handling unit (an indoor mounted "head" with temperature controls)
  • Conduit (power cable, refrigerant lines, suction tubing, connecting the head to the heat pump)
  • Condensing drain line