Solar Panel Pricing, Process, and Product Info

Solar Panel Pricing

Upgrade California Construction does things a little different than most contractors. We like to treat people how we would want to be treated, so we get right down to it and give you our pricing upfront. This is a part of our Fair Contract guarantee, to learn more about it check out our process here.

Our base pricing for a solar panel system is $4.14 per watt (w). Example: if your home needs a 4,000 watt system, then the base price of your system would be $16,560.

Here's what's included and what is not.


  • Installation for the solar panel system
  • Permit cost up to $200


  • Roof repair or re-roofing.
  • Main service panel upgrade or relocation.
  • Attic conduit runs

Solar Panel Process

  • You place an order by calling 866-9UPGRADE or by completing the online order form.
  • Our customer success team works with you to review our solar panel base pricing (above) and help you gain access to financing; if needed.
  • We schedule a time perform a site evaluation for critical measurements.
  • We review the results of your site evaluation with you to make sure our measurements match your order, part of our Fair Price Guaranty.
  • We allocate materials to your job.
  • We obtain all appropriate permits and approvals needed from your jurisdiction.
  • We Install your solar panel system (below).
  • Final inspection from your local inspector and finalize utility paperwork

Solar Panel Products

Once we have received approval to install you solar panel system we install the follow components:

  • Solar Panels
  • Racking
  • Inverter
  • Conduit
  • A/C Disconnects
  • PV breaker